A physio evaluation provides critical data to both determine your performance limiters and ensure you’re training right. Each evaluation consists of three tests to collect heart rate, power, respiratory, and muscle oxygen measurements.

The key differentiator of a Fount physio versus a standard FTP test is our use of Moxy technology to track your smO2 and tHb levels throughout your evaluation. We don’t rely on how motivated you are to put out power on a given day. We use science to provide insight into how your muscles recruit and use oxygen with each ramp of power—and your failure point—even if you don’t hit it on test day. We use this data to identify your current performance profile, create accurate training zones and warm-up protocols, and provide in-depth recommendations on what workouts you need to get better faster.

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In the ZAP, we evaluate your cardiac and respiratory performance in a series of 4-minute increasing power ramps. The rise and fall of your smO2 and tHb levels coupled with your CO2 output with each ramp of power provides insight needed to identify your training limiters and create accurate training zones and warm-up protocol for events.



In the Wingate test, we measure your torque, pedaling dynamics, and anaerobic capabilities. Besides providing more insight into your performance strengths and limiters, it also helps answer the often-heard question: "Am I a sprinter?”


Inspiratory Muscle Assessment (IMA)

In the IMA, we measure your breath coordination, volume, and rate. Breathing coordination and volume is often overlooked in performance. The diaphragm is like any other muscle in your body and needs to be properly trained to reach peak performance. Better breathing equals more oxygen and better results.