The premise of our coaching plans is to help you maximize your performance in the shortest amount of time. This is achieved by developing a program that works around your schedule, experience, and most importantly physiological limiters in your training. As a MOXY (muscle oxygen technology) certified training facility, we use a combination of heart rate, power, and SMO2/tHb to analyze where you are and what you need to do to get where you need to be. This ensures you are doing the right workouts for what your body needs in its development. Our coaching plans have produced top-level results including, National and State champions, Team USA competitors, and Pro-Level racers. We have also taken new cyclists and provided the training and skills needed to transform them into local racers.

The critical difference is that we don’t just talk—we do! All Fount coaches are current, active racers who can provide hands-on experience on the road in Live Training and specific guidance on every type of effort, as they have been in your shoes and know the ins and outs of every workout. CONTACT US today or choose a membership option below to get started with Fount coaching.



WOLF PLAN - Personalized Template Coaching

This monthly subscription plan is designed for cyclists who want structure and quality workouts with minimal need for customization and analysis.

  • 1:1 30-minute initial consultation to determine best-suited training plan for your performance goals and limiters

  • A monthly training plan in Training Peaks designed based on your needs as a cyclist

  • Detailed description for each workout

  • Automatic customization of workouts based on self-inputted power and heart rate zones

*Workouts are populated once monthly. Athlete is responsible for populating any changes needed in Training Peaks to accommodate personalized schedule.

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ROCKET PLAN - 1:1 Custom Coaching

This monthly plan features 1:1 custom coaching and is designed for cyclists seeking the highest level of coaching and performance. The plan includes:

  • Custom daily workouts in Training Peaks tailored to physio results* (if available) and/or specific needs

  • Feedback and file analysis on workouts

  • Unlimited contact with Fount coaches via phone/text/email

  • A monthly 1:1 private coaching/training session

*Physio Testing is an additional, optional cost to the plan.

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PACK PLAN - 2:1 Custom Couples Coaching

This monthly plan is designed for couples—or two training partners—seeking a similar training schedule customized for each cyclist’s ability and needs. This 2:1 custom coaching includes:

  • A Training Peaks account for each cyclist on the plan

  • Custom daily workouts in Training Peaks that are tailored to each cyclist’s specific needs, but, when applicable, are also easy to perform together (e.g., intervals that may vary in specified wattage or duration but require similar terrain).

  • Feedback and file analysis on key workouts

  • Unlimited contact with coaches via phone/text/email

  • A monthly 1:1 couple’s coaching/training session

*Physio Testing is an additional, optional cost to the plan.

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A 1:1 off-the-bike session to talk about anything related to cycling or performance, including Wolf Plan schedule adjustments, training goals, hypoxic training, tactics for an upcoming race, or any other guidance related to cycling performance as needed.

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